September 3, 2019


IO3 Description

Based on the results of IO1, in IO3 the partners have created the essential tools to provide learners with a ready-to-follow Connected Learning Route. During this phase of the project, the framework, the material, the teaching guides, and the validation system will be developed. More specifically, the Digital Learning Pack which will be produced will include:

To accompany the Teaching Packs, a booklet has been developed for each module.

Open Badges

The assessment and validation of the competences is through the Open Badges.

Open Badges are digital representations of achievements or skills described the framework and outcomes of a learning procedure based on specific criteria. The Open Badges’ system can be used as a virtual CV of skills and qualifications. The practice of development, issue, and use of badges is connected with gamification elements, as badges are seen as incentives towards positive behaviour and are influential pedagogical tools.

Below is a visual representation of the Open Badges for the Connected Learning project and here is the Open Badge Report!

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