September 3, 2019


  1. To create a sustainable youth-oriented and participatory solution for youth organisations, cities, regions or councils to map, provide, assess, recognise and validate diverse learning opportunities for young people across Europe, with an emphasis on the promotion of digital competences.
  2. The promotion of open and innovative practices aligned with the digital era, in accordance with the digitalised society and economy.
  3. To allow marginalized people, or people with fewer opportunities, to identify learning opportunities anywhere they are, in an easy and friendly way.
  4. To develop an open, dynamic and interactive web portal and mobile application which will map learning spaces in Europe, giving easy access to young people to search, sort and filter Formal and Non-Formal Learning opportunities, both online and offline.
  5. To create CONNECTED LEARNING ROUTES which will map and connect spaces (providers, centres, institutions etc.) of Formal and Non-Formal Learning, thus enabling young people to better navigate through learning opportunities, based on their needs and interests.
  6. To develop and pilot-test a specific Connected Learning Route which focuses on the acquisition, assessment and validation of Digital Competences. This will include the mapping of existing digital learning opportunities, creation and provision of local, regional, national and EU offline and online opportunities, and validation through the Open Badges system.
  7. To build a Toolkit to support regions, cities or organisations anywhere in EU to create Connected Learning Routes adapted to their needs.
  8. To develop a Strategy Pack for the future expansion and upscalability of the tool across Europe, leading to an initiation of a policy-reform or recommendation from the grassroots level.
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