The “Social Media Presence for Social Entrepreneurs” course was developed by CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. under the Erasmus+ Connected Learning project (Pr.Nr.: 2018-1-DE03-KA201-047411), presented by Maryna Bikova and offered within the Taskforcome Social Impulse Academy program to test the material with the target audience. The course was prepared for social entrepreneurial start-ups, who were looking for orientation in the beginning of their business journey.

The main idea of the “Social Media Presence for Social Entrepreneurs” workshop was to:

  • revise information learned in other workshops;
  • analyse (what is happening in social media globally and what you, as social entrepreneurs, can adapt for your own strategy);
  • practice (work on your own brand and have a marketing product by the end of the workshop).

The session included the presentation of Connect Learning online tool, which maps education, cultural and entrepreneurial opportunities in many European cities, including Erfurt.

Also, it was possible to learn more about how to utilize the opportunities in social media and how to create synergies. Participants had the opportunity to share ideas and new concepts for their enterprises.


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