Multiplier Event in Italy

The Multiplier event for the Erasmus+ KA2 Project CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW was organised by The European Digital Learning Network in two different days.

The first session took part at Dlearn premises, in Milan, on the 28th September 2021.

The event was conducted into a small and limited group of attendees who were informed about ConnectedLearning mission, products and long-term objectives.

The programme of the day included a warm welcoming of the participants by Dlearn staff, the introduction to the project and its consortium. Secondly, participants were told the whole process of products creation of the project: our research on digital Youth work across partners’ countries, our produced modules, our app and mapping platform and our effort to influence policy makers through the scaling up at EU level – the petition, declaration, Campaign and memoranda. Participants were invited to check out the platform and the app and to choose a Module on which try to do some exercises. The session was closed with a Q&A session.

The second session, due to pandemic restrictions, was organised online as a free webinar on the 15th October 2021 within the context of ‘Erasmus Days’ 2021.

ConnectedLearning@YW was presented and promoted to online attendees during the online event “Il Cittadino digitalmente Competente” (translation: The digitally literate citizen) focusing on social inclusion of people through digital tools, skills and competences in Europe.

As in the previous session, also the October’ one witnessed the introduction and presentation of the project, its goals and products as well as a solid promotion of the Petition and Campaign in order to assure sustainability for ConnectedLearning@YW.

The multiplier event offered also another opportunity to discuss and involve target groups and gather their valuable opinions and feedbacks on Consortium’ work.

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