The piloting session focused on the course developed by the European Digital Learning Network, the module on Marketing took place the 19th March 2021. The online session started at 15.00 CET with a short introduction of the programme of the afternoon, the display of the agenda and was immediately followed by the presentation of Connected Learning @YW project. The whole course of Marketing was illustrated by the staff of Dlearn who was the trainer of the workshop and some chapters, in particular the ones on Branding and Digital Marketing were explored in more depth and allocated the majority of the scheduled time. During the session, participants were also invited to register on the Platform and enrol in the free Marketing course. Beside the learning material, time was given also to the testing of the platform: the trainer, by sharing her screen, explored the map together with attendees whose doubts, questions and observations were gathered and welcomed. The learning material and the OER platform were not the only focus of the training though: a considerate slot of time was also dedicated to the general presentation of the project, of its objectives and tangible results.

Young people and Youth workers who took part to the online session acquired an augmented knowledge on the topics covered by the course on Marketing and a deepened knowledge on this very innovative and engaging Erasmus+ project!

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