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Connected Learning@YW: Promoting Quality Digital Youth Work through the Creation/Mapping of Connected Learning Routes in Europe: An Innovative Way to Reach out to Marginalised Young People is an Erasmus+ funded project which brings together partners from 6 different EU countries –United Kingdom; Italy; Germany; Bulgaria; Cyprus and Sweden.

The project and the entire work of the consortium is directed to support the development of digital learning and routes and quality youth work.

The project has created an online open, dynamic and interactive WEB PORTAL and MOBILE APP mapping learning spaces in Europe which allows which young people to search, sort and filter formal and non-formal learning opportunities. To such objective, the partners have worked so that CONNECTED LEARNING ROUTES within cities, regions, areas have been created for the sake of youth workers and youngsters across borders in the EU can be created.

The existing digital learning opportunities and the created -local, regional, national and EU off-line and on-line opportunities- are validated, in the framework of the Connected Learning project – through the OPEN BADGES.

At the centre of the partners’ work, effort and engagement there is the acknowledgement of the key-importance of acquisition of digital skills by youngsters and youth workers, acknowledgement that should take place in non-formal education as well.

Thus, we ask you to sign this petition if you believe that:

– young people, especially those of less opportunities, marginalised or coming from migrant backgrounds should have access to more opportunities on boosting their digital skills to fully participate to the digitalised economy;

-young people should have access to digital platforms to support their learning regardless of their location in order to boost their development, especially for what concern non-formal learning opportunities and non-formal education. 

– new routes to education for young people by supporting them to learn anywhere in a creative way should be created, connected and promoted for such goal; 

– long-sustainable youth oriented and participatory solutions for youth organisations, cities, regions or councils should always be sustained and favoured by citizens and policy makers at all levels;


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