Mapping learning opportunities in your cities


  1. Developing an open, dynamic and interactive web portal and mobile application which will map learning spaces in Europe, giving easy access to young people to search, sort and filter Formal and Non-Formal Learning opportunities, both online and offline.
  2. Creating Connected Learning Routes which will map and connect spaces (providers, centres, institutions etc.) of Formal and Non-Formal Learning, thus enabling young people to better navigate through learning opportunities, based on their needs and interests.
  3. Building a Toolkit to support regions, cities or organisations anywhere in EU to create Connected Learning Routes adapted to their needs.

Project Description

The ConnectedLearning@YW project aims to make learning available to everyone. The project will produce a European online platform and a mobile application for easier access, which will allow individuals to browse various seminars and training programmes (formal and non-formal learning), based on specific filters, such as language, subject, age etc., which are offered in various areas, by specific organisations. The project’s target group are young people who can benefit from the easy access to information regarding participation in various programmes, so they can develop their skills and enhance their employability. More specifically, the project emphasizes young people with less opportunities, such as early school leavers, youth that live in remote areas, refugees, immigrants people who speak another language, etc.


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