September 3, 2019


IO5 Description

The final Intellectual Output will be focusing on the design of the exploitation strategy which will aim to ensure the sustainability, expansion and utilisation of the products.

More specifically, the CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW STRATEGY PACK will be designed and produced for the upscaling, transferability, exploitation and sustainability of the project’s products at the local, regional, national, and EU level. During this phase the partners will also investigate the potential sustainability and management of the programme through the setting up of the CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW NETWORK.

Online Petition

We ask you to show your support and sign the petition!

Memorandum of commitement

We would like to invite Political Institutions, Educational Bodies, Youth Organisations, Employers, and Young People must use their unique communities and expertise to network and synergise stakeholders, to fund, to research, to advocate for and to a programme to provide all young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, with access to non-formal, needs-based and digitally oriented education.

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