September 3, 2019


IO4 Description

Intellectual Output 4 will focus on the production of the CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW TOOL KIT, a comprehensive guide for the implementation of the Digital Connected Learning Routes Across Europe. The Tool Kit will include a road map, guidelines, templates, good examples, monitoring tools, practical tips, SWOT analysis.

Additionally, a campaign and a petition will be designed and implemented, to support the interactive maps and the Connected Learning Routes methodology, as a means to promote Non-Formal Learning and its validation, and to enhance the methods that Youth Workers use to reach out to marginalised groups of young people.

Finally, IO4 will promote the creation of synergies between youth workers, youth organisations, associations, stakeholders, education providers etc.


This Toolkit aims to help and guide participants (Learners and learning Providers) in the e-learning platform and mobile app through their journey of expanding their knowledge and more specific in the digital world.

Creating synergies

Below is a step-bystep guide on how to create synergies between youth workers, youth organisations, associations, stakeholders, education providers etc.

Pilot testing


At Ulster University we completed a pilot training activity with young people aged mainly 18 to 21 years for ConnectedLearning@YW in Northern Ireland (UK). The training was held online on 22nd April 2021, due to the ongoing situation with COVID. The intention was to

test the platform and app in addition to learning materials, and, finally, as a means of disseminating and promoting the project and its outputs. The feedback was very complementary with comments such as “great platform to learn skills and enhance ability” and “great space, easy to use, great courses offered”. The Connected Learning platform and app has great potential – the future is very bright for our young people who want to learn and connect throughout Europe.


On the 30th of March 2021, the online pilot testing was conducted featuring a guest speaker with his associates. The session began with an introduction about Emphasys, the presenter, guest speaker – entrepreneur Afxentis Evaggelou and his associates. An introduction to the idea of the  CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW project was introduced followed by the demonstration of registration on the Platform and Mobile Application where all participants were encouraged to register.


A pilot-testing within the project CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW was held on April 21 and 22, 2021. It was conducted face-to-face and 20 people (young people and youth workers), divided into two groups attended. The training started with the presentation of the project, the created e-learning platform ( and training modules.


The piloting session focused on the course developed by the European Digital Learning Network, the module on Marketing took place the 19th March 2021. The online session started at 15.00 CET with a short introduction of the programme of the afternoon, the display of the agenda and was immediately followed by the presentation of Connected Learning @YW project. The whole course of Marketing was illustrated by the staff of Dlearn who was the trainer of the workshop and some chapters, in particular the ones on Branding and Digital Marketing were explored in more depth and allocated the majority of the scheduled time.


HEA did its Pilot Test on May 10, 2021 online, due to the Covid-19 situation. The target group were students studying at CFL Nordanstig, who were contacted via e-mail. We gathered our participants online, described the purpose and goals of the test, showed the platform and the different steps that would be taken to complete a course via the platform.

They had to work individually and at their own pace. At the first opportunity, some of the students did not manage to register, so the test had to be postponed for a week. The participants thought that the content and layout were interesting and that despite the initial hassle, it was a good test opportunity.


The “Social Media Presence for Social Entrepreneurs” course was developed by CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. under the Erasmus+ Connected Learning project (Pr.Nr.: 2018-1-DE03-KA201-047411), presented by Maryna Bikova and offered within the Taskforcome Social Impulse Academy program to test the material with the target audience. The course was prepared for social entrepreneurial start-ups, who were looking for orientation in the beginning of their business journey.
The main idea of the “Social Media Presence for Social Entrepreneurs” workshop was to:
● revise information learned in other workshops;
● analyse (what is happening in social media globally and what you, as social entrepreneurs, can adapt for your own strategy);
● practice (work on your own brand and have a marketing product by the end of the workshop).
The session included the presentation of Connect Learning online tool, which maps education, cultural and entrepreneurial opportunities in many European cities, including Erfurt.
Also, it was possible to learn more about how to utilise the opportunities in social media and how to create synergies. Participants had opportunity to share ideas and new concepts for their entreprises.

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