September 3, 2019


IO3 Description

Based on the results of IO1, in IO3 the partners will create the essential tools to provide learners with a ready-to-follow Connected Learning Route. During this phase of the project, the framework, the material, the teaching guides, and the validation system will be developed. More specifically, the Digital Learning Pack which will be produced will include:

  • The Digital Needs Identification Process through a questionnaire, which will be based on the 2017 Digcomp Framework 2.1 of the European Commission. The Digicomp Framework outlines the essential digital skills needed for EU citizens.
  • The Targeted Digital Competence Framework, with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators to help learners and their mentors (Youth Workers) monitor, assess and validate their progress for the acquisition of the targeted digital skills through the open badges.
  • The Teaching Packs for each of the selected set of digital skills, which will be used for the creation of the Connected Learning Routes.
  • The Youth Workers/Trainers’ Professional Development Course for the acquisition of digital skills.