April 2, 2020


Date: 19th May 2021

Country: Germany 

Venue: via Zoom

Short description:

CGE Erfurt e.V. works with many social entrepreneurs and aspiring social entrepreneurs and identified a skills gap regarding social media management among these young people. Upskilling the participants here would enable them to have greater reach for their business and causes online. As the Connected Learning has an online course on social media management, CGE hosted a moderated run-through of the course, online through Zoom due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions. During this presentation, participants signed up to the platform, engaged with the content and were presented the project, its outputs and how they can engage with it further.

Date: 16-17. July 2021

Country: Germany

Venue: Klangerrüst e.V., Erfurt

Short description:

On the 16-17th of July, CGE Erfurt e.V. organised an open-air festival for civic engagement, that gathered over 120 young people from Erfurt. Young people were invited to sign up to the Connected Learning website, explore the online content, and to engage with the project. As this event drew young people and NGOs from the local community, it has created a good foundation for sustainable, continued use of the project outputs by CGE with the local community.

Event organisers at a pre-event meeting.

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