Multiplier Event in the UK

Ulster University hosted their Multiplier Event for the for the Erasmus+ KA2 Project CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW across two days with one virtual and one face-to-face. This approach was taken as, despite the ongoing pandemic, there was some opportunity for small groups to get together face to face. The first session took place online via Microsoft Teams on Friday 8th October 2021 whilst the second was hosted face-to-face on 14th October 2021 on the Magee Campus of Ulster University. The attendees ranged across different backgrounds, age ranges and genders which represented the diversity and inclusion that the connected Learning project represents and champions.

On both days the attendees were provided with a very interactive session by both Dr Bradley-McCauley and Dr Cullen. The attendees were provided with a presentation on the idea behind Connected Learning, who the consortium were and what we have discovered and produced. We presented the project website to share some of our headlines and progress updates and then we provided attendees with a practical tour of the platform from the learner perspective. The feedback on both days was very positive with comments such as “very informative session”, “excellent project” and “such a brilliant project”. The queries related to types of learning sessions that can be accessed and also how this connected learning platform has relevance right across young people through to older people in society to access different skills and learning at a style, pace and level that suits their needs.

The two-day event was very successful as it allowed us to target over 60 people in total to share the outcomes of the Connected Learning platform. It also helped inform us about our what next and fully realise just how much potential this project has. Indeed, the attendees loved the idea of a visual map being available.

This Multiplier Event provided an opportunity for Ulster University to gather feedback and discuss and involve target groups including their valuable opinions on Consortium’s work.

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